Why I Always Bring a Knife on Board




My first response tech is a knife. I carry it everywhere I go. When I go on a date, I have a small pocket knife that I surreptitiously keep in my person. You can call me a knife aficionado and I would love that title.

Top Reasons Why I Always Carry a Knife

Back in the days when nobody carries a cellphone in their person, I’ve already been carrying a knife. I wouldn’t be caught not carrying a good knife and here are the top reasons why:

  1. It’s handyI just find it handy when I have a knife. When something needs cutting—and it happens a lot—I just like it when I have something to cut it with. Strolling around my garden, I always find a twig or two that needs trimming. When I go backpacking, I use a knife to open a can of food. I just want to have a knife when I need one.
  2. Cutting foodDo you what’s always dull? Restaurant knives. Just when you’re just about ready to cut a steak, you realize that the knife they provide is not sharp enough. My pocket knife to the rescue, and how cool is that? Too cool.
  3. Rescuing love onesI don’t like it when it happens, but when it does, my knife is my first response tool. Cutting a seat belt, smashing a window is easy when you have with you a decent rescue knife. If you don’t have one, you can just be another bystander in an emergency situation.
  4. Saving livesWhen somebody is bleeding, you might need to cut layers of clothing before you can get to the wound. If the wound is not exposed, how can you apply first aid? A knife can often make a difference when you’re in a situation wherein you need to save lives.
  5. Making FireCutting dry wood is easy with a decent rescue knife. Even when the weather is not good, you can still find dry woods that you can use to start a fire with. Having a good knife will give you access to these woods. If you don’t have a knife, what are you going to cut it with?
  6. Self defenseThis is the most important reason for carrying a knife as far as I’m concerned. I’m a marksman and while I have a concealed carry permit, having a knife in my pocket completes my everyday carry.

People who face danger on a daily basis like firemen carry knives on their person on a regular basis. If this small tool can help people who face danger every day, how much more can it help a guy like me with simple needs? Do you think it’s a good idea to be carrying a knife everywhere? Share a comment or two below.