Best Sailing Watches

For sailors, having the best watch is more than just about fashion. Wearing the right sailing watch is vital when you are out at the sea. Watches that are used for sailing obviously aren’t the typical ones. Yet sailors still need the usual watch’s functions, many of the sailing watches have more capabilities and more advanced features that will make the sailor’s life easier and safer.


Sailing watches needs to have the most necessary features and capabilities to be able to aid the sailors in every step of the way. Some of the important features that you have to look for are as follows:

  • Excellent water resistance. This is quite an obvious feature that you need. But make sure that it can at least resist up 100 meters.
  • Tough cases. The ones made of stainless steel and titanium is your best options.
  • Digital Compass. For sailors, what’s more even helpful than having a great compass in your hand?
  • It can serve as a barometer, thermometer and even an altimeter.
  • Longer battery life
  • Large digital display
  • Countdown specific for Sailing

Best Sailing Watches to Consider

In order to help you identify the best sailing watches, we have run through some of the best watches that you might want to consider.

Gill Men’s Regatta Master Watch

It has a large digital display. With its user friendly program interface, you only need a single button to set it up. It also has an easy to calibrate digital compass that can save coordinates and gives a backward bearing mode option.

Suunto Elementum Ventus

What makes this watch different from other typical rugged watches are its sapphire crystal protected by a steel case as well as a strap made of leather that makes it more durable and fashionable to wear. It can also trend up to 12 hours of pressure. Its programmable regatta timer is much more helpful for sailors.

Alpina Regatta Countdown

alpinThis watch is particularly designed to make your life easier.  It was programmed to follow the yacht timer convention. It has an in-house mechanical caliber that will give an accurate signal telling you when to go.

Timex Ironman 30-Lap

This might be considered as the simplest yet not to be ignored sailing watch. This is the suitable option for those who have smaller wrists. It has a rolling countdown option, making easier to start and reset.

Rolex Yachtmaster II

Rolex watches aren’t just for fashion. This watch has a mechanical regatta countdown timer that can be programmed easy and fast by using a rotating bezel.  The brand itself definitely says the quality of material it is made of.

More Ideas…

There too many great watches that you can find in the market. The only trouble is that how are you going to know which one to buy.  You just need to consider some things such as your taste, which would say about the design and the color of the watch. How often are you’re going to use it? And most of all, you have to consider your budget. Sailing watches come in many price ranges. Make sure to know what your wallet can handle.